It’s not all about product costs


Cost savings during the life cycle of a tool through customer-oriented services by weba.

„Our customers save money by using of our services“: weba`s general manager Hannes Feuerhuber feels confident about the advantages of integrated customer care and explains the variety of weba services. It’s about specific simulation methods, mobile tool services, consulting during all stages of development as well as financing offers.

Besides high product quality, services have a high significance in the daily work of tools manufacturer weba. Customers benefit from an intensive cooperation with weba. The company regards itself as a full service supplier. The business activities of weba include a broad range of services for example project planning, parts development, installation and many more. These comprehensive services result in quality control on the one hand, and cost savings on the other hand. Furthermore weba is highly flexible in troubleshooting. In case of maintenance and repair works weba is able to be on site at short notice. In this way expensive downtimes can be avoided.  weba also provides a spare parts inventory in order to be prepared at any time. 

Optimization through consulting Together with its customer weba always evaluates feasibility and economic aspects of a part, especially in the stage of parts development. An intensive exchange between customer and weba is absolutely necessary to optimize the tool. An efficient communication can contribute to material savings, improved tool geometry and longer life cycles. 

Risk minimization through simulation Meanwhile simulation is an important component of each order at weba. Already during the offer phase weba is conducting simulations in order to reduce risks later on. Nowadays simulation results work fairly precisely, showing a probability of around 90 %. With simulations weba is able to realize problems earlier. Thus problems can be discussed already at the beginning of a project. In this phase modifications still can be implemented at a low cost level.